Imitation Crab

Imitation crab, also often referred to as “krab”, has been given a bad rap; it isn’t fake food at all. It includes portions of real crab meat complemented by a main ingredient – the one that makes it an affordable option to real crab – Wild Alaska Pollock.

Wild Alaska Pollock is added via a malleable seafood paste called Surimi, which gives imitation crab the form, flavor and look of real crab. Currently a $1 billion industry, surimi has been popular in Asia for over 900 years and is now enjoyed globally in French, Thai, and Japanese cuisines as well as seafood dishes including lobster, shrimp, scallops, and of course, crab.

Louis Kemp is a proud member of the Trident Seafoods family of brands, where our high-quality imitation crab contains all of the benefits of Wild Alaska Pollock, including being low-calorie and high in protein. Imitation Crab is a healthy, affordable and sustainable alternative to real crab, so you can enjoy it in your favorite sandwich, salad, or recipe all year-round.

What is  Imitation Crab?

Imitation Crab is the result of flavoring, shaping, and coloring a seafood paste called Surimi, mixed with real crab, to look like the real deal. To make Imitation Crab, we begin by finely mincing Wild Alaska Pollock, and then blending it with ingredients like starch, salt, natural crab meat, and egg white. From there, we add flavoring like snow crab extract and swimming crab extract, and color and shape the product to take on the appearance of real crab meat.

Health Benefits & Nutrition

Since it’s made from Wild Alaska Pollock, Imitation Crab enjoys many of the same health and nutrition benefits as Wild Alaska Pollock, namely being low-fat, low-calories, and high in protein. For individuals looking for lower-cholesterol options in their diet, Imitation Crab is a great substitute for real crab and other shellfish.

There are many ways to enjoy Imitation Crab and still get the most nutrition out of your meal. For example, if you’re looking to add more texture and taste to your favorite dip, our Crab Delights ® Flake Style provides 150mg of Omega-3 and 7g of protein in each 80-calorie serving. If you’re looking for a healthy, satisfying midday snack, our Crab Delights ® 5 Pack Legs provides 40mg of Omega-3 and 3g of protein per each 40-calorie serving, and like all our Imitation Crab products, comes fully cooked and ready to eat.


Enjoy your Imitation Crab in a Seafood Lasagna Roll-Up, in nachos, or try one of these other tasty recipes straight from our test kitchen!

California Roll Bowl

Seafood Mac & Cheese

Crab Delights® Cheesy Bacon Twists


Along with global warming, overfishing is one of the biggest threats to our oceans and their inhabitants. While most species of crabs haven’t been overfished in recent years, they’re not immune from it. Choosing Imitation Crab over real crab can help preserve ocean ecosystems, without sacrificing taste or texture. Our Wild Alaska Pollock is harvested responsibly off the shores of Alaska in the northern Pacific Ocean, meeting (and often exceeding) government regulations. We take our stewardship of the most abundant and sustainable species on the planet seriously.

We proudly oversee every step of the process in producing Louis Kemp Surimi products, including Imitation Crab. From harvesting and processing the Wild Alaska Pollock, all the way to the shelves of your local grocery, we make sure all our products are handled sustainably and responsibly every step of the way.